The most overlooked area of your home during cleaning day are the baseboards. Not only is it easy to walk in a room and never even acknowledge your baseboards, but cleaning them is strenuous on your back and shoulders. Here you will find cleaning tricks as well as simple cleaners for both painted and natural wooden baseboards. Let’s optimize your cleaning day!


Oil Soap

Not only does oil soap deep clean natural or finished wood, but it also conditions. It gives the wood a deeper, richer color which is a treat for your eyes. Most oil soaps leave a lasting fresh scent behind for you to enjoy for days after the cleaning. Mix using the soap instructions, dampen a microfiber cloth, and scrub those baseboards until they shine. Mmm fresh!

Dry Cloth with Furniture Polish Spray

Any brand of spray furniture polish will do the job. Grab a microfiber cloth, spray the furniture polish on the cloth (not on the wood), and wipe down your baseboards. The spray polish will not last long on the cloth, so you’ll have to spray the cloth often.

Furniture Wipes

To even further minimize cleaning time, simply purchase a pack of furniture wipes that already have the polish solution on them. These wipes require no spray, no bucket of cleaning solution, and are disposable.


Some people have their baseboards painted. Paint requires different cleaning solutions than natural or polished wood. Make sure to spot test first.

Warm Water and Dish Soap

This is a powerful cleaning solution for painted baseboards, and it’s free of harsh chemicals.
1 tablespoon dish soap
1 gallon of warm water
Warm Water and White Vinegar
Only containing two natural ingredients, this is an environmentally friendly homemade cleaning solution.
1 quart of warm water
1/4 cup of white vinegar
Warm Water and All-Purpose Cleaner
Mix a batch of water and all-purpose cleaner as per the cleaner instructions. Don’t forget to use gloves to protect your skin.


We made it to the best part! Here are some cleaning hacks to make your cleaning job easier and faster.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

This will save you time and energy on dusty baseboards. Do a quick cleaning of the baseboards using the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Swiffer and A Furniture Wipe

This is clever, right? A furniture wipe tends to be the same size and shape as a Swiffer cloth. Simply place the furniture wipe on the Swiffer and run it along your baseboards! Easy!

Broom and A Cloth

This can be a little tricky to pull off. Rest a damp cloth on the baseboard, press the side of your broom brush against the cloth, and pull it along your baseboards.

These cleaning hacks should maximize your cleaning while minimizing your physical strain and cleaning time. Now, grab an iced tea and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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