Keeping your home in order can be overwhelming, but with a few tricks your home will be easy to clean. It is important to develop new habits and a regular routine to spread the burden of cleaning over a longer period of time.

The Cleaning Routine

Pick a time that is most convenient for you each day. During that time look around the house and choose one task that requires the most work. This task might be cleaning the bathrooms or the kitchen. Whatever the job start on it right away and focus on it for a full thirty minutes. Don’t go on to clean anything else major that day.

By completing the routine each day you will bring your home back in order quickly. However, it is important that you do not continue to do any major cleaning after the job is done. Doing so risks burning yourself out. It is like a workout routine, if you do too much at once you won’t want to do anything tomorrow.

Cleaning Habits

Cleaning habits are little things you do to make the daily routine more effective. Here are three easy habits:

Wash the dishes after each meal. Allowing the dishes to pile up is the easiest ways to add stress to your day. By cleaning the dishes right away you keep the kitchen clutter free.

Clean counters and floors of crumbs, spills, or other small accidents right when they happen. By doing so you keep the surfaces clean all the time. This avoids the hour long sessions of clean up when things get too bad to bare.

Place down old towels at the front door. Visitors can trudge in the outside world and make a mess of your entryway. This dirt will find its way further into your home. By placing down towels you can capture the muck and clean it quickly.

With a regular routine and a few habits your house will be easy to maintain day to day. Be sure to build on the cleaning habits as a little mindfulness goes a long way.

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